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Skydance C

Skydance C

(Mirage V++++// x Skye RR by Eden C)

2017 Bay Colt

Sweepstakes and Scottsdale Signature Futurity

Sold to Alex Ezaki, a  lovely young woman from MN who declared Skydance her dream horse, the one she has been searching for.  

Skydance will shine brightly with her and we look forward to following them on the dressage court.









Mirage V++++//

Desperado V

Huckleberry Bey++




Misti V

Bravado Bey V


Magdalena V


Skye RR

Eden C



Silken Sable


Star Chance SA++



Bint Fahim

"MIRAGE V++++// get are winning in National level competition.  24 of his get have show records through September 2015.
Of those, 22 are champions for the amazing champion percentage of 92% from his shown get.
Fourteen have National titles (a National winner percentage of 64% of his champions!)"
~ Arlene Magid

For breeding information contact:

Beth Conti
(916) 752-9480


 Cindy Morgan
(916) 591-5575
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