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"I'm always watching what stallions are producing. After judging two of his fillies at Region 3, I had to contact his owner for more information about them... They were exquisite! They had great type with extra shape and length to their necks, and all this set on beautiful, square and balanced bodies. Then the next and possibly most important qualities were the legs and feet... clean, straight legs, and beautiful feet. These fillies were not only exceptional halter examples, but I knew they will be great performance stars one day." 

~  Liz Bentley, post Region 3 Championships


"He was a spectacular colt, both in mind and body. He was conformed to be extremely athletic: short cannons, great feet, good shape to his neck. And it proved to be true. He was built to do athletic things, to a level that can be found in Half-Arabians, but rarely in purebreds. Add in his quality of type, and he is without a doubt in a class of his own."

~ Bob Hart Jr.


"For the last two years I have had the wonderful privilege of leasing my mare, Windsong Bey, to Beth Conti. A privilege because I got to foal out and raise Windsong's two Mirage fillies - both exquisite, both homozygous black. Since Windsong had already produced a National Champion Sport Horse Stallion by Mirage's sire, Desperado V, I already knew this would be a good cross. But I think Mirage's dam line of Bravado V and *El Shaklan brings in some additional "yeast" that added even more prettiness, front end quality and style. And I don't say that lightly since Windsong's Son Klint Black+++/ received 2 perfect 10s for "Head and Neck" and "Overall Breed Type and Quality" at the 2005 Sport Horse Nationals.

This year my Klint Black +++/ daughter, Rajima Black, had an exquisite daughter by Mirage V++++//. . . . "Amiraj". She is probably one of the best fillies I have ever bred - ultra typey, refined, correct and athletic with the sweetest temperament. Her perfect star and four matching socks top off her rich mahagony bay color - just icing on the cake. I predict she'll be one of Mirage's best ambassadors in the show ring and later on the breeding farm. Can't wait to see how her older 1/2 siblings do at this year's SHN. Good luck to all!

Sue Eves ~ Charming Meadow Farm, PA

Congratulations on the arrival of Amiraj (Mirage V++++// x Jamira Black), a stunning July filly! Owner/breeder Sue Eves is "over the moon" with this beautiful girl. 


Sir KaDan El Bey is a beautiful 16.2 hands, 4 year old gelding who demonstrates his breeding as a beautiful Western Pleasure Jr. competitor. He is currently with Bob Hart to enter fall showing and will be in the 2012 year working his way up to U.S. National competition. He is stunning to watch as he rates so smoothly, carries his rider in a soft and easy way through all gaits, and stuns the crowd with his black, shinny coat with three white socks and small white blaze, a beautiful head and just right tippee ears. Look for him in the fall of 2011 and all of 2012!

Kay Stone Buford, owner of Sir KaDan El Bey (Mirage V++++// x Shafe Psykay)


Maska is a beautiful boy with a natural athletic ability, an expressive and distinct personality, and trainable mind! He has enough pizzazz to catch your attention and the movement to keep it. I'm more than excited for the bright future that lies before him!

He LOVES attention and from his arrival I knew someone either spent lots of time working with him daily or he just loves people. Perhaps it's both but he loves his grooming, whether it's clipping his ears or bathing in cross ties in the wash stall. He's the best behaved on the farm!

Megan Frantz and Rethea Deveney, owners of Maska C (Mirage V++++// x Evening Star)


"Mirage V++++// is an exquisite stallion and a pleasure to stand in every way. He possesses a sweet, loving temperament and an unparalleled willingness to work. Mirage is the kind of stallion who will perform magnificently in the show ring and allow himself to be ridden bareback out to pasture. He and his offspring are eager to please. They possess refinement, dignity, and intelligence, exemplifying the best characteristics of the Arabian breed. We are thrilled to feature Mirage at Mt. Pleasant Stallion Station, and thrilled to announce that we are the proud new owners of Pandora, a gorgeous Mirage daughter. Pandora is half warmblood and one of our most promising sport horse prospects. She shares Mirage’s engaging personality, exotic head, and gorgeous cadence. Thank you Beth Conti and Mirage—we’re looking forward to a future of friendship and success. "

Cindy Morgan of Mt Pleasant Stallion Station, where Mirage is standing at stud and trained.


It has been a great privilege of having the opportunity to train two daughters of Mirage V++++//, Anna Miriah C and Mirai C. These breathtaking black beauties are exceptional in every way! Both fillies possess the ability to excel in many different arenas. I have personally been very impressed in their trainability and versatility, with Anna Miriah C being a testament to that with her Main Ring Halter and Sport Horse In Hand wins being just minutes apart. These two sisters have extreme Arabian type, heart stopping movement, and incredible balance. Their future is endless and I am honored to be a part of it.

David Conner, Trainer - Conner Training Enterprises

"MIRAGE V++++// get are winning in National level competition.  24 of his get have show records through September 2015.
Of those, 22 are champions for the amazing champion percentage of 92% from his shown get.
Fourteen have National titles (a National winner percentage of 64% of his champions!)"
~ Arlene Magid

For breeding information contact:

Beth Conti
(916) 752-9480


 Cindy Morgan
(916) 591-5575
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